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14m41s / Color / 16:9 / 5.1 Dolby / USA / 2020


About The Film


Every other weekend, Imani (Krystel McNeil) returns to her family’s Illinois farm to help her widowed dad Leonard (Anthony Irons) keep the animals fed, house clean, and crops alive. However, once their livestock start disappearing, prompting fears of wild animals or just bored kids from the surrounding suburbs, Imani confronts the reality of her and her family’s future.

“Anchored by stirring central performances from McNeil and Irons, “Gossamer” lets the drama inside of it emerge organically, as if it were a well-cared for crop that is ripening before your eyes” - The Moveable Fest

Krystel McNeil (Imani)
Anthony Irons (Leonard) Dan Waller (Rick)


Charlie Schmidlin (Director)
Lissette Feliciano (Producer)
Rothwell Polk (Producer)
Olivia Aquilina (DoP)
Abigail Childs (Production Designer)
Sarah Lawhead (Costume Designer)
Candace Michelle (Hair/MU Dept Head)
Jake Joiner (Gaffer)
Matt Hatleberg (Swing)
Paige Hochstatter (1st AC)
Rebecca Johnson (2nd AC)
Phi Tran (Propmaster)
Nick Price (Sound Mixer) 
Aaron Bartscht (Sound Editor)
Arianna Shining Star (Colorist)
Tom Fornarelli (VFX Supervisor)
Michael Sachs, Kim Mayo (Composers)

Upcoming Screenings       

November 18, 2020 - NoBudge Online Premiere

Past Screenings     

June 12-21 - 2020 Maryland Film Festival
August 20th - 2020 Blackstar Film Festival
August 27th - 2020 Sidewalk Film Festival
October 21-29, 2020 - Indie Memphis Film Festival

Production Stills / Behind The Scenes